China Metal Raw Material Cost Rising Up

Mar. 18, 2021


Starting from March 2020, the prices of various raw materials have risen to varying degrees. Especially after the New Year in 2021, the prices of many raw materials have risen sharply, and individual raw materials have increased by more than 20% in just one month. this increase is indeed a bit scary.

China Metal Raw Material Cost Rising Up

In the context of rising raw material prices, the production costs of many companies have also been rising. Corresponding companies can only continue to increase the prices of their products in order to survive, which eventually led to substantial increases in the prices of many terminal products. For example, from the end of December 2020 to the present, the prices of many home appliances have increased in varying degrees, including televisions, range hoods, washing machines and many other home appliances that have increased by more than 10%, and individual products have increased by more than 20-40%. It can be seen that the rising cost of raw materials affects not only manufacturers, but consumers in the end.

China Metal Raw Material Cost Rising Up


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