Shaped tube roll forming machine manufacture

Jul. 26, 2020


Round tube pressure shaped tube forming machine

Superda a manufacturer specializing in manufacturing round pipe roller mill process as special-shaped pipe machine equipment. The equipment produced supports forming hexagonal pipes, hexagonal steel pipes, outer hexagonal steel pipes, inner and outer hexagons, outer inner hexagons, tapered steel pipes, and special-shaped steel pipes. Octagonal tapered steel tube, stainless steel tapered tube, street lamp pole, square tube, rectangular tube, seamless square rectangular tube, large diameter square rectangular tube, galvanized steel square & rectangular tube, oval tube, flat oval tube, triangular steel tube, seamless Triangular pipes, octagonal pipes and other irregular polygonal pipes can be customized according to drawings. Any type of special-shaped pipe machine can be processed according to customer requirements.

Shaped tube roll forming machine manufacture


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