What is the metal forming industry

Sep. 21, 2020


Metal forming refers to the process of using active power to deform metal materials to obtain the desired shape within the limits of the tooling mold. It mainly includes four major processes forging, stamping and sheet metal production as well as metal forming process.

What is the metal forming industry?cid=96

Generally speaking, forging is for the two tasks of obtaining a certain shape and improving material properties, while stamping and sheet metal production are for obtaining a certain shape; among them, stamping is to deform the raw material as a whole in a forming process, and the equipment used is large. The production efficiency is high and it is suitable for mass production of small varieties, while sheet metal production is a process of using multiple partial progressive deformations to finally obtain the overall deformation. It requires less equipment and can produce larger parts, which is suitable for small batch production of multiple varieties.

Metal forming tooling for making all kinds steel sheet panel, profiles, channel etc shapes.

What is the metal forming industry?cid=96

Raw materials include, bars, plates or strips coil, pipes, profiles and wires of various materials such as steel, aluminum, copper, magnesium and titanium. The process includes: material preparation (cutting, shearing, blanking, turning, etc.), forming (forging, stamping, stretching, bending, coiling, bending, rolling, spinning, etc.), subsequent processing (trimming, Deburring, orthopedics, heat treatment, cleaning, welding, riveting, painting and other processes).

What is the metal forming industry?cid=96

39 manufacturing categories, including automobiles, home appliances, electronic communications, aerospace, rail transit, petrochemicals, light industry and textiles, general machinery, special machinery, instrumentation, military industry, ships, energy and power, medical and health, financial equipment, etc. More or less, metal forming parts are needed directly and indirectly.

What is the metal forming industry?cid=96



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