• Electric meter box roll forming machine

  • Electric meter box roll forming machine

  • Electric meter box roll forming machine

Electric meter box roll forming machine

Stainless steel & middle steel meter box roll forming machine for making durable recessed electric meter box and cubical meter box

Product Description

New design galvanized steel electric meter box production solution & meter box roll forming machine production line.

Equipment for producting galvanized steel /stainless steel meter box

Box bending & forming in one line

Meter box forming machine


1, Electric Box production line technical parameters 

1MATERIALTypeCold-rolled strip steel, galvanized sheet
Yield Strength (Mpa)Q235
2Forming product   WidthCustomized
3Forming speed   (m/min)6-13mIncluding hole
4Forming main power   (KW)7.5 KWFYR
5Hydraulic power   (KW)18.5 KWFYR
6Bending power (KW)3 KWFYR
7Voltage AC380V,50Hz,3P

Electric meter box production line process

(A) Uncoiler →Straightening→servo feeder→Hydraulic press breach device  → Guide device → roll forming machine → hydraulic punch → Bending enclosure (optional)→shear device (including knife)→ finished product rack

Roll Forming machine list

Uncoiler, Straightener

1,Type Manual Expansion


1) Passive   discharge

2) Coil weight:<   2T

3) Coil inner D.:φ450mm-φ530mm

4) Max. Width.400mm

5) Thickness .0.4-1.6mm

6) Straightener roller :9 pcs

8) Power.1.5kw  

Meter box forming machine

Servo Feeder

3.1 Max. feeding width 400mm
3.2  Feeding thickess 0.4-1.6mm

3. 3  Motor , 1.3KW(Yaskawa)

Hydraulic hole punching system

3.1 Function:Hydraulic punch breach  (Mould 1 set)
3.2 Structure: set the length, automatic length measurement, automatic positioning reaches the set distance stop action , hydraulic cylinder driven punching die, stamping automatic shutdown.
3.3 Hydraulic system working pressure:16MPa
3.4 Hydraulic station:18.5KW( Hydraulic punch hole/shear use same station)

A. Hydraulic punch for the panel gap.

B. Hydraulic punch for the knock down hole

C. Hydraulic punch for the ventilating hole.

Electric meter box roll forming machine


Guide device


Main Forming machines  (Panel width adjustable)

5.1  Forming Roller:16 stations,and add Rub-roll, To make sure the surface profile no scratches.

5.2  Side Panel:T.18mm ,A3 steel   Heavy duty 。

5.3  Rolling speeding: 6-12 m/min。

5.4  Roller material:GCr15,overall quenching, hardness HRC56-62 ℃.
5.5  Motor power:7.5KW。    
5.6  Main Roller :dia.75mm,45 #。
5.7  Equipment base: 45 # H type using welded steel plate.
5.8  Transmission: chain drive.
5.9 Security: across the board with emergency stop buttons, easy to handle emergencies, to ensure that equipment and operator safety. And other gear in the chain and the staff could easily lead to injury transmission section covered with protective cover, to ensure the safety of workers.

Double rows roller station

Meter box forming machine

Flat collect rack

Box Bending Machine (including mould) , Hydraulic power :3kw

Electrical control system
The entire line imported PLC control, LCD touch screen, man-machine interface. People interact with the PLC. Operator setting the program to run automatically (programmable control) and control process monitoring, production line operator control and modify the control parameters, and real-time monitoring the equipment status & parameters and fault indication. Workpiece length digital setting, adjustable length can be adjustable as well. Real-time monitoring of equipment operating status and fault indication.
Operation manual / automatic two styles. With manual and automatic switching function: In the manual mode, can be stand-alone operation, easy maintenance; In automatic mode, carry out full production run, in order to start; across the board with emergency stop buttons, easy to handle emergencies, to ensure that equipment and operating personnel Safety.

Machinery main components of the brand:
PLC control system: Siemens
Inverter: Taiwan Shilin
Encoder: Omron
Touch screen: Siemens
Some components are Schneider brand devices.

Devices completed electric meter box prodution line

No.Machine nameQTYREMARK
1Uncoiler, straightener1
2Servo Feeder1
3Hydraulic station2
4Guide device1
5Forming machine1
6Hydraulic  machine1With mould (2/3 sets)
7Follow Shear1Including knife
8Collect rack1
9Control system2
10Box bending device1With mould

Steel metal box machine accessories brand

1Motor & ReducerDomestic brands
2The main key bearingDomestic brands
4PLC SystemsSiemens
5Low-voltage electricalSchneider
7touch screenSiemens
8Hydraulic systemDomestic brands

Product Features

Guarantee of Quality

Superda guarantee electric meter box production design accordance with clients required drawing, machine is brand new. Specification and performance as stipulated in drawing and operation with good smooth.

Formed meter box photo

Meter box forming machine

Automatic electric meter box roll forming machine advantage

1, High efficiency production line, one minute can producing 3-4pcs

2, PLC control system, automatically and easy handle.

3, Gcr15 roller with quench process, hardness reach HRC60-65 ℃.

4,Tracking cutting system with Cr12 Cutting blade.

Model and Meaning

Electric meter box roll forming machine for producing steel box which using electrical industry.

Meter box application

Cable branch box, low voltage distribution box, water pump control box, communication device cabinet, street lamp and traffic light control box, multi-function metering box, integrated distribution box, capacitor compensation box, terminal box, wall-mounted junction box in public power grid , measuring box, etc.

The measuring box is a combination of a combined transformer and measuring instruments and meters. The metering box is the total of measuring instruments and auxiliary equipment necessary for measuring electric energy, including electric energy meter, measuring voltage, current transformer and its secondary circuit, electric energy metering screen, cabinet, box and so on.

Meter box forming machine

Technical Parameters

Electric meter box roll forming machine for production different size cabinet 

Roll Forming accuracy
a. Shear length tolerance: ≤±0.3mm/m
b. Width tolerance: ≤± 0.3mm
c. Sickle bending: ≤2mm/m
d. Burr: ≤0.1mm (new cutting edge cuts carbon steel plate in reasonable clearance)
e. Height tolerance: ≤±0.3mm
Above tolerance with flat edgeless one-stage steel coil As a prerequisite.
Surface quality: The surface of the finished product after processing does not add any processing defects.

7. Other parameters of the equipment
a. Power supply: 380V/50HZ/3PH, can customized as per user country.
b. Installed capacity: about 31kw.
c.Forming speed: 0-13m/mind.
d.Shearing method: Servo front shear
e. Drive motor: Unwinder motor 4KW.
 leveling motor 2.2KW.
hydraulic punching cutting and hydraulic tensioning motor (two sets) 11KW+7.5KW. forming main engine 5.5KW.
servo motor 2KW
f. Floor area (approx.): length 24m × width 3m (host specification 7mX1.7m)
g Production line direction: from left to right (on the console facing the unit).
h. Equipment color: (customer selection)
i. Superda fire house box equipment design can meet 12 hours of continuous production
j. Operating environment
1: Power supply voltage: 380V ± 10% / three-phase four-wire,frequency: 50HZ Total power: about 31KW2: Environment Temperature: 0-40 ° C, relative humidity: 60-95% RH.


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