• Mild Steel Rectangular Tube Roll Forming Machine

  • Mild Steel Rectangular Tube Roll Forming Machine

  • Mild Steel Rectangular Tube Roll Forming Machine

  • Mild Steel Rectangular Tube Roll Forming Machine

  • Mild Steel Rectangular Tube Roll Forming Machine

Mild Steel Rectangular Tube Roll Forming Machine

Mild Steel Rectangular Tube & Square Tube Roll Forming Machine 2 in 1. 20*40mm, 30*50mm, 40*40mm customized steel pipe production manufacture.

Product Description

Steel Round Pipe change into square & rectangular tube roll forming machine manufacturer

Round tube change into rectangle pipe equipment photo

Mild Steel Rectangular Tube Roll Forming Machine

20*40mm/40*40mm/30*35 Square tube & Rectangle Pipe forming machine technology 

Dia. Round tube 38mm & 50mm original tube raw material.

Motor power7.5KW
Reducer350 type
Feed material iron pipe
Feeding round tube diameter1.5 inch (cun)
Forming Roller8 forming + 2   straightening
Working speed10 meters / minute
Roller materialGCr15 heat treatment   after finishing
Spindle material40Cr after quenching   and tempering
Transmission mode1.2 inch chain   sprocket drive

What are the environmental protection features of rectangular tube forming machine

The rectangular tube & square tube forming machine is widely used because of its green environmental protection characteristics. It uses less and less stainless steel plate demand to carry out the specific load that needs to be exceeded. It is no longer completely relying on increasing the demand for plates or improving the physical properties of raw materials. To consider the requirements of the load, it is only to improve the physical properties of the channel steel according to the cross-sectional appearance of the channel steel product.

 In the main purpose of the square tube forming machine, the advantages of the square tube forming machine are more and more understood by customers. It belongs to the rapid economic development of the cross-sectional stainless steel sheet, which can save 15-30% of metal materials. The project investment is small, and the production is flexible. Various regulations that can meet the needs of customers highlight its unique advantages in the development trend of the humanized sales market. The square tube forming machine is generally used to replace hot rolled aluminum profiles and other types, which has become an unstoppable development trend of square steel tube forming methods:

1. Real bend

Real bend, to put it bluntly, is to compact the bend. During real bending, the inner and outer rollers and the inner and outer walls of the finished tube are double compacted.

(1) The advantage of real bending is that the rebound is small, the forming is accurate, and if the roll shape is accurate, the R of the inner corner forming is more accurate.

(2) The disadvantage of real bending is that it has the effect of stretching/thinning. First, the actual bending will cause tension at the bend, and the tension effect reduces the vertical length of the bending line; second, the metal material at the actual bend will become soft due to the tension.

2. Empty bend

      The empty bending is based on the unilateral contact between the outer roller and the surface of the finished tube to produce the bending distance to bend the cut material. The empty bending will cause the bending line to shrink, and the shrinking effect will make the bending line extend vertically, and the metal material at the bending will be deposited. Thickening, which means the shrinking/thickening effect of empty bends.

(1) The advantage of empty bending is that it can carry out long bending when the actual bending cannot be carried out, such as the simultaneous bending and casting of the upper/side surface of the rectangular tube. Empty bending can bend the inner corners of R<0.2t without cracking the wall thickness.

(2) The disadvantage of empty bending is that when the upper/side surfaces are at the same time, because the upper roller and the lower roller additionally cause working pressure, the forming force is very easy to cross the zero boundary point, resulting in instability of the edge and concave, and it will also harm Stable operation and forming quality of the generator set. These are the different characteristics of the rectangular tube and the round steel tube in the air bending forming.


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