• Roller shutter door frame roll former for sale

  • Roller shutter door frame roll former for sale

  • Roller shutter door frame roll former for sale

Roller shutter door frame roll former for sale

Roller shutter door frame roll former for production metal door frame garage frame, door frame section, door metal parts. The rolling shutter door is widely using in public places or houses such as commercial facades, garages, shopping malls, hospitals, factories and mines.

Product Description

Roller shutter door frame roll former for sale

Metal door frame machine for production metal door frame garage frame, door frame section, door metal parts.

1MATERIALTypeCold-rolled strip steel, galvanized sheet
Yield Strength (Mpa)Q235,Q350
2Forming product   WidthDepend on drawing
3Forming speed   (m/min)8-12m
4Forming main power   (KW)11 KWFYR
5Hydraulic power   (KW)5.5 KWFYR
6Hydraulic press 20Mpa
7Voltage AC380V,50Hz,3PCustomized

1, Door frame making machine for producing steel door frame shapes

Steel door frame making machine

2,Completed door frame production line working flow ,

Decoiler —guiding — feeding — roll forming — finished product

factory production layout for reference.

Door shutter roll forming machine

3,Equipment consists

The equipment consist with de-coiler , leveling machine, servo feeding

machine, main forming machine, cutting device, collection table .PLC control system

4,Main technical parameter of production line ,

material : GI steel sheet, low carbon steel.

the thickness of the steel sheet , 1.5mm

inner diameter of coil , Φ508mm

line speed, 8-12m/min ( adjustable)

5. The characteristic of the machine

5.1 Metal strip coil de-coiler ,

functional and structural features,

be used to support and expansion steel coiler , section steel welding fuselage. it is easy to operate.

technical parameters            

    material inner diameter : φ508mm

    range of inner diameter : ф450-550

    maximum outer diameter: φ1200mm

    load capacity: ≤ 5T

5.4 Servo feeding machine

Type : servo feeding

Functions and Structure: Pinch and be with steel to the press machine. Polyurethane roller ensure that the feeding force. Feeding  each error of feeding be controlled in rang of ± 0.15mm. Compared with the servo Clamp, feed length setting is more flexible, adapt to a wider range. This feeding device is more suitable for wide material , can effectively improve the feeding accuracy. Servo motor, measuring devices, digital control system are the imported components.

technical parameters:

maximum number of feeding: 30 ~ 40 times / min (adjustable)

feeding step: 100MM / step (adjustable).


5.10 Forming machine :

type: double cantilever gear drive, width adjustable universal forming machine and the overall mobile, fast (waist height and width) exchange specifications.

Forming Roller:16 stations,and add Rub-roll, To make sure the surface profile no scratches.
Side Panel:T.18mm ,A3 steel   Heavy duty 。

Rolling speeding: 8-12 m/min。

Roller material:#45 bearing steel,overall quenching, hardness HRC56-62 ℃.
Motor power:11KW。   
Main Roller :¢75mm,45 #。
Equipment base: 35 # H type using welded steel plate.
Transmission: chain drive.
Security: across the board with emergency stop buttons, easy to handle emergencies, to ensure that equipment and operator safety. And other gear in the chain and the staff could easily lead to injury transmission section covered with protective cover, to ensure the safety of workers.

Roller shutter door frame roll former for sale

5,11 Collection table

type, Finished cable tray arrive collection table, worker will collect products , non-powered roller.

function and structure: consist of section steel (square pipe), no power roller assembly, welding, play a role in supporting finished product ,can adapt 8-meter finished product.


5.12 Electrical control system

the whole line adopt imported PLC control , touch screen be used for human-machine interface,  achieving the interaction between man and PLC.

Cable Tray Machine

Ⅴ,Devices completed door frame prodution line

No.Machine nameQTYREMARK
1Uncoiler 1Manual
2Servo Feeder1
4Guide device1
5Forming machine1
7Follow Shear1Including knife
8Collect rack1
9Control system1

Ⅵ, Door frame making machine accessories brand

1Motor & ReducerDomestic brands
2The main key bearingDomestic brands
4PLC SystemsSiemens
5Low-voltage electricalSchneider
7touch screenSiemens
8Hydraulic systemDomestic brands

Product Features

Door frame roll former

1, Door frame production line for producing steel door industry metal sections.

2, PLC control system, automatically and easy handle.

3,Bearing steel roller with quench process, hardness reach HRC60-65 ℃.

4,Tracking cutting system with Cr12 Cutting blade.

5. All roller is quenching

6. The production arrival country standard : GB/T12755-91

Roller shutter door frame roll former for sale

Model and Meaning

Door frame roll former machine is the equipment for production metal door frame.

How to producing steel door frame, by door frame forming machine is nice solution equipment for make sure the length, straightness, smoothness, shape and contour definition of the door frame. The door frame forming machine can automatically control the length, quantity, forming, cutting, discharging, cutting and other functions.

Technical Parameters

Door frame roll former parameter data

Main technical parameter :

The thickness of panel : 1.5 mm

Number of roller : 16 stands

Diameter of axis : Φ75mm

Material of roll: bearing steel

Speed : 8-12m/min

Thickness of side panel : S18mm

Drive : l.2”chain

Bottom : 35# I-steel

The size of equipment : about 10m × 1.0m × l.2m

Electric control system : PLC (panasonic)

Main power : 11kw

Hydraulic cutting

Hydraulic pump station power : 5.5KW

Hydraulic press : 20Mpa

Material of cutting blade : Crl2Mov(with 3 )

Error of cutting length : ±3mm


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