Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine is ready export to Thailand

Jun. 17, 2019


Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine is ready export to Thailand 

Today, This China floor deck roll roll forming machine will be ship to Thailand.

Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine is ready export to Thailand

Why Steel floor deck is popular in recently? What is avantage compare to construction material.

Product features are as follows:

1. Steel Floor deck is reasonable, the overall performance of the floor is superior, the construction is convenient, environmental protection, and the construction period is guaranteed;

2. The bottom of the board is flat and the net height is guaranteed. The two-way rigidity of the floor is consistent and the seismic performance is good;

3. The spacing of the steel bars and the thickness of the concrete protective layer are guaranteed;

4. The traditional force structure, steel plate does not participate in the force, no need for fireproof and anti-corrosion coating, that is, safe and economical;

5. Two-way floor deck board design and construction is simple, suitable for large-span slabs;

6. The galvanized layer of the steel plate is reasonable, the quality of the stud welding is reliable, the end is not required to be penetrated, and the shear resistance of the floor is enhanced;

7. Taking the interests of customers as the starting point, the overall cost is low;

8. With special structure, the bottom mold can be removed to achieve the look and feel effect of the traditional cast-in-place concrete floor.

9. Leading technology, can be applied in reinforced concrete projects, and similar products are widely used in foreign countries.

10. Reinforced truss floor slab can be applied in the slope roof, no need to support, no need to tie the stressed steel bar, and the construction has no difficulty.

11. The product types are diverse and the application fields are wide.



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