Poland Client Visit for Testing Purlin Channel Machine

Aug. 12, 2019


Poland hardware manufacturer boss and engineer visit Superda factory for testing metal purlin channel forming machine.

Metal channel and purlin profiles are widely using rack and construction steel.

This metal cross section of the purlin is triangular, and the three plane trusses form a complete space truss system, so it is called space truss type. The characteristics of the purlin are that the structure is reasonable, the force is good work, the overall rigidity is large, and no brace is needed, and the installation is convenient; but the manufacturing is labor-intensive and the amount of steel used is large. It is suitable for situations where the span, load and lay length are large.

Poland Client Visit for Testing Pulin Channel Machine

After finished testing machine, we take clients to see China rice, because in Poland, there is not rice growing.

So, this is first time touch the Rice and very surprise.

Poland Client Visit for Testing Pulin Channel Machine

We had the sea food in chinese seaside restaurant. Nice place and delicious foods.

Poland Client Visit for Testing Pulin Channel Machine


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