Roll forming machine manufacturer

Mar. 01, 2019


Shenzhen Superda Machine Co.,Ltd is China roll forming machine manufacturer which professional in fabricating customized metal section roll forming machine production line.

Roll Forming equipment produced metal frame widely using in construction, metal frame, electronic instrument.

Superda fabricated roll forming machine work for construction such as highway guardrail roll forming machine, roof panel roll forming machine, subway station using panel section roll forming machine. Metal frame roll forming machine for making rack shelf, solar bracket, logistic beam etc, if classified according to formed metal shape, there are C channel machine, CZ purlin machine, metal stud roll forming machine. Electronic industrial using metal forming machine such as cabinet enclosure forming machine, low voltage cabinet frame forming machine, cable tray roll forming machine. Metal sheet by roll forming process is most flexible and durable, it is more high efficiently than make through press braking, stamping or extrusion.

Lighting profile roll forming machine machine

Roll forming machine manufacturer

Solar Bracket roll roll forming machine

Roll forming machine manufacturer


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