• Cable Tray Production Line

  • Cable Tray Production Line

  • Cable Tray Production Line

Cable Tray Production Line

China full automatic cable tray production line for sale

Product Description

Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine Production Line Manufacturer China

1, Cable tray production line for producing all kinds of cable tray.

Cable Tray Production Line

2,Completed cable tray production line working flow ,

Decoiler — leveling — feeding — punching — conveying table — roll forming — finished product

3,Equipment consists

The equipment consist with de-coiler , leveling machine, servo feeding

machine, the punching machine (with punching moulds ) , main forming machine, cutting device, collection table .PLC control system

4,Main technical parameter of production line ,

material : GI steel sheet, low carbon steel.

the thickness of the steel sheet , 0.8-2.0mm

inner diameter of coil , Φ508mm

line speed, 4-6m/min ( adjustable)

5. The characteristic of the machine

5.1 Automatic de-coiler ,

type : cantilever drumming type

functional and structural features,

be used to support and expansion steel coiler , section steel welding fuselage. it is easy to operate.

technical parameters            

    material inner diameter : φ508mm

    range of inner diameter : ф450-550

    maximum outer diameter: φ1200mm

    load capacity: ≤ 5T

5.2 Leveling machine :

type : nine rollers active leveling machine

functional and structural characteristics: leveling steel strip. Consist of pinch roller and leveling rollers, pinch rollers can be individually adjusted, upper leveling roller adopt overall structure, and establish two adjustment points on before and after, to form a certain angle, easy to improve the quality of leveling .

leveling roll is GCr15 high-frequency hardening, the hardness can reach HRC45-55.

technical parameters:

the number of leveling rollers: 9 rolls (up4/down5),  2 pinch rolls

motor power: 5.5KW

5.3 Correcting table

type : roller supporting , correcting

functions and Structure: correcting and with steel. Correcting device mainly consists of a pneumatic Prime bridge, roller, vertical roll-oriented composition. Guide wheels can be easily to adjust to different width. Galvanized rollers is beautiful and flexible.


5.4 Servo feeding machine

F  type : servo feeding

F  functions and Structure: Pinch and be with steel to the press machine. Polyurethane roller ensure that the feeding force. Feeding  each error of feeding be controlled in rang of ± 0.15mm. Compared with the servo Clamp, feed length setting is more flexible, adapt to a wider range. This feeding device is more suitable for wide material , can effectively improve the feeding accuracy. Servo motor, measuring devices, digital control system are the imported components.

technical parameters:

maximum number of feeding: 30 ~ 40 times / min (adjustable)

feeding step: 100MM / step (adjustable).


5.10 Forming machine :

type: double cantilever gear drive, width adjustable universal forming machine and the overall mobile, fast (waist height and width) exchange specifications.

function and structure: sheet metal is rolled form by 20 stand rolls, gradually into finished cable tray. Consist of the speed AC motor, reducer, high-precision linear guides, left and right gear box, lateral adjustment mechanism, the roller group composition. A set of rollers to complete all the specifications of the cable tray, adjusting the position of roller frame to achieve replacement of specification .

technical parameters:

the number of horizontal roll stand: about 20

machine shaft: (specifically adjusted according to actual situation)

the level of roller distance: about 350-550mm

motor power: 18.5KW

line speed: 10-15m/min

5.11 Collection table

type: Finished cable tray arrive collection table, worker will collect products , non-powered roller.

function and structure: consist of section steel (square pipe), no power roller assembly, welding, play a role in supporting finished product ,can adapt 8-meter finished product.


5.12 Electrical control system

the whole line adopt imported PLC control , touch screen be used for human-machine interface,  achieving the interaction between man and PLC.

6, Cable tray production line making profiles

Cable Tray Production Line


Cable tray with hole, production line will need hydraulic punch device.

If cable tray without hole, production line not need the hydrauic punch process.

Product Features

Cable tray production line roll forming machine advantage

1, Cable tray production line for producing and adjust different width and height,cable tray width from 100-600mm, and height from 50-100mm.

2, PLC control system, automatically and easy handle.

3, Gcr15 roller with quench process, hardness reach HRC60-65 ℃.

4,Tracking cutting system with Cr12 Cutting blade.

Model and Meaning

Model, YX80-320

Cable tray machine is the equipment for production cable frame.

Choice of Cable tray

In the engineering design, the layout of the cable tray should be comprehensively compared according to economic rationality, technical feasibility, operational safety and other factors to determine the best solution, and it must also fully meet the requirements of construction and installation, maintenance and repair and cable laying.

The height of the cable tray from the ground is generally not less than 2.5m when the bridge is laid horizontally, and a metal cover shall be added to protect the part below 1.8m from the ground when it is laid vertically, except when it is laid in a dedicated electrical room. The cable tray is laid horizontally in the equipment mezzanine or the road and is less than 2.5m. Protective grounding measures shall be taken.

Cable tray, trunkings and their hangers are used in corrosive environments and should be made of corrosion-resistant rigid materials. Or take anti-corrosion treatment, the anti-corrosion treatment method should meet the project

Technical Parameters

Cable tray roll forming machine parameter data

Part two: Forming machine
Material Thickness0.6~2.0MM
Roller MaterialGCr15
Shaft Material45# steel
Forming Speed15-20m/min
Control SystemPLC Control( Delta brand)
Total Power15kw
Rated VoltageCustomized


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