• Oval tube roll forming machine

  • Oval tube roll forming machine

  • Oval tube roll forming machine

Oval tube roll forming machine

Steel oval shaped tube roll forming machine for custom different oval process production line.

Product Description

Steel elliptical shaped tube is generally extruded into a duck egg shape on the basis of a circular tube,we call it oval shape tube as well. The oval tube is divided into a regular ellipse and a flat ellipse. A regular ellipse refers to a duck egg shape with a symmetrical arc, and a flat ellipse refers to the shape of two long faces parallel and straight , The two short sides are arc-shaped. Mainly used in industrial pipelines and mechanical structural parts such as petroleum, chemical industry, medical treatment, food, light industry, mechanical instrumentation, etc. In addition, when the bending and torsion strength are the same, the weight is lighter, so it is also used to manufacture mechanical parts and engineering structures.

Round tube change into oval tube machine photo

Oval tube roll forming machine

Oval tube forming machine technology 

(Raw material steel tube thickness leess than 3.5mm)

Motor power5.5KW
Reducer350 type
Feed material iron pipe
Feeding round tube diameter1.5 inch (cun)
Forming Roller8 forming + 2   straightening
Working speed10 meters / minute
Roller materialGCr15 heat treatment   after finishing
Spindle material40Cr after quenching   and tempering
Transmission mode1 inch chain   sprocket drive

With the continuous renewal of social aesthetics, more and more special-shaped tubes are used for architectural decoration (such as railings, handrails, sanitary ware, fitness equipment, furniture and furniture, car armrests, tents, radiators, motorcycle and bicycle accessories, Student desks, chairs and mechanical accessories, etc.). It solves the problems of single product, incomplete specifications and galvanizing of special-shaped pipes on the market. A variety of special-shaped tubes can also be customized according to the needs of users. Shaped tubes can be divided into elliptical shaped tubes, triangular shaped tubes, hexagonal shaped tubes, diamond shaped shaped tubes, octagonal shaped shaped tubes, semi-circular shaped shaped tubes, unequal-sided hexagon shaped shaped tubes, five-petal plum shaped shaped shaped tubes, double Convex shaped tube, double-concave shaped tube, melon seed shaped tube, conical shaped tube, corrugated shaped tube. Continuously meet customer needs. Under the company's strict quality control system, product quality and price advantages are continuously improved, and various products are favored by customers.

Oval tube & sharped tube roll forming processed.

Oval tube roll forming machine


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